System Details

The most productive, pre-engineered, reusable, factory-built concrete forming system in use today. It is designed for maximum versatility and can be used to form virtually any concrete structure.

  • 1000 psf allowable pressure
  • 1/2" HDO plywood gives a great concrete appearance
  • No special tools required - just a carpenter's hammer
  • The same form can be handset or gangformed
  • Only one type of connecting hardware is required - Wedge Bolts
  • Has been the most popular concrete forming system in the USA for over 50 years
  • Reface the forms with our special replacement 1/2" HDO or Birch plywood

Doka USA Frami X Life System Advantages.

  • Slashes handset labor costs with lightning fast assembly:
    1. 80% fewer connections with only 3 clamps per 9 ft. panel joint.
    2. 75% fewer with only two ties for a 9-ft. high pour, up to 13.5 sq. ft. per tie.
    3. Uses the lightest fastest clamp – only 2.6 lbs. and it goes on with one hand.
    4. No wood walers are required.
  • Cut costs further by switching to gang forming at any time. No additional hardware is needed to switch from hand setting to gang forming.
  • Cuts labor in the details:
    • Hinged and adjustable pilaster forms make pilasters a snap
    • The Framax Stripping corner attaches and allows the fastest strip possible for cores
    • Fillers are available in 6" increments plus 2", 1 ½" and 1" steel fillers
    • Columns are formed with universal panels up to 36" - only one panel size for the whole job
    • Eliminate various required filler sizes and saves time and labor in storing, sorting and finding specific width panels
  • Work in safety. With three tie offs per 9 ft. panel.
  • Better Finish. With all birch plywood face and a protected tie hole.
  • Form columns faster. Universal panels form up to 36” square columns.
  • Reduces your maintenance costs. No rust with a hot dipped galvanized frame. Longer plywood lifespan with all birch plywood that is protected by the frame and edges sealed with hot caulking.

Doka USA Framax X Life System Advantages

  • Slashes handset labor costs with lightning fast assembly:
    • High numbers of repeat uses made possible by its excellent manufacturing quality and extra durable Xlife sheet
    • Smaller number of (expensive) closure zones, due to the consistent 15 cm increment grid
    • The widely spaced form-ties (1.35 m apart) save up to twelve per­cent of the costs for ties and finishing work on tie holes
    • Galvanized, powder coated steel frame, for long lifespan
    • Compact gang forms mean less crane time is required
    • Using the single side operable tying system Monotec optimizes work­flows in confined spaces as well
    • The ingeniously coordinated panel formats, with their logical sizegrid, help you make optimum use of formwork commissioning quantities.
    having only five panel widths makes for easy planning and forming, and efficient logistics
  • Reduces your maintenance costs. No rust with a hot dipped galvanized frame. Longer plywood lifespan with all birch plywood that is protected by the frame and edges sealed with hot caulking.
    • clean concrete finish from the high-grade Xlife sheet with its plastic enhanced surface
    • the ingeniously coordinated panel size-grid permits a neat joint pattern even when combining upright and horizontal panels
    • no screw imprints in the concrete, as the formwork sheet is screwed on from the rear.
    • the neat negative frame imprints in the concrete minimize any finishing work.
    • safe vertical access with the Ladder system XS
    • workplace safety on all sides with the Platform system X safe plus
    • practical accessories – such as panel struts, lifting/repositioning devices, 3-in-1 pole tool etc. – make for safe, easy handling of the formwork.

The Symons Aluminum Beam Gang Form is a composite wall forming system, utilizing components from other Symons systems. At the heart of this system are Symons Aluminum Beams, or Aluminum Joists, which have a very high strength-to-weight ratio. The Aluminum Beams (or Joists) are fastened to Versiform Steel Walers by means of our unique Beam Attachment Clamps. A suitable plywood is attached to the resulting rigid, compact, and lightweight lattice; thus, becoming the basic gang form. A unique feature of the Aluminum Beam Gang Form is the Transition Bracket. This bracket allows the Aluminum Beam Gang Form to mate with components of other Symons wall forming systems. The proven versatility of Steel-Ply® and Versiform® accessories can thus be utilized with the Aluminum Beam Gang Form, to achieve a wide range of forming conditions, such as corners, pilasters, bulkheads, core walls, curved walls, and other configurations.

High leg load capacity combined with flexible range of uses

Benefit from the advantages of various sizes

  • A wide range of loading capacity is available up to 17,300 lbs/leg
  • Frames are available in 2’ or 4’ width and 3’, 4’, 5’, and 6’ height
  • Cross braces are available in 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’, and 10’ widths allowing the frames to be spaced from 3 ft. to 10 ft. apart

Huge Flexibility

In on-site use, make work easier for your crew because:

  • H20/Steel W8 beams, aluminum or steel junior beams are used for stringers
  • H20 timber beams or aluminum beams are used for joists
  • Darragh’s engineering department will provide detailed layout drawings and calculations if required
  • Darragh maintains an inventory at the Little Rock/ Benton warehouse which is available for immediate delivery

10k/leg shoring system is a proven method for shoring slabs at a wide range of heights and is especially effective for heights over 18 ft. Combining European technology with American methodology, the 10k system works well in conjunction with our Dokaflex and Dokamatic table systems.

  • Gates’ hand-set forming system
  • Cam Lock Bracket engages the loop-end tie, securely holding the 2×4 waler into place
  • Stiffback Clamps attach to Cam Lock Brackets anywhere a 2×4 stiffback member is needed
  • Self-centering plastic cushion cones seat tightly to the form providing a neat & clean breakback
  • Cam Lock ties are self spreading with a metal washer embedded into each cone
  • 1”, 1 1⁄2”, or 2” depth cones or washers
  • Cam Lock ties eliminate the need for long and short end ties by utilizing one standard end length
  • Typical tie pattern is 16”x24” using common forming materials (2×4 lumber and 3⁄4” plywood form face)
  • 2250# safe working load (2:1 safety factor) adjust tie pattern/pour rate according to specific job requirements
  • Uses less lumber and requires less nailing than other typical wood-based hand-set systems
  • Customizable and flexible system—adaptable to most other types of wall forming systems
  • Stackable—use with Gates Scaffold Brackets
  • Great for radius forming—ask about pre-cut wood radius walers—form perfect curved walls
  • Virtually all commercial jobsites have forming requirements ideally suited for the Cam Lock System—combine with Gates Anchor Lock Gang Systems
  • Cam Lock Brackets, Stiffback Clamps, and Scaffold Brackets are plated for corrosion resistance—Gates hardware is available for rental

Dayton Superior A16 Omni Wedge is a high strength snap tie wedge designed to slip over the head of standard or heavy duty snap ties to provide ample bearing area for proper load distribution into the wales.